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Classes continue as normal through the school half-term, except for Monday 18th Feb, where there are no evening classes.



Ok, so you've read all the official stuff, and now you want to know my classes are really like...


Well, we do work hard, but we also have a whole lot of fun and laugh a lot. The atmosphere is happy and relaxed.


Here is a selection of my favourite videos from our special events to show you more.

This was when some of us performed 'Do The Strictly'

We do the occasional FitSteps demonstration at local festivals and school fairs.

We have a themed summer FitSteps party each year.

It's a good excuse to dress up and be more silly than usual.

We also like to dress up

at Christmas

But don't just take my  word for it... - here's what some of my customers have to say:


In February 2017, Ian Waite came to take a class for us - click here to see some photos.


In June 2018, we were lucky enough to host Natalie Lowe, who gave us not only a Masterclass, but a technique workshop as well. Click here for pictures.


FitSteps asked us to create a fusion dance showing as many different steps as possible, and this is the result.

Of course, I had to include the outtakes. Some might say these were the best bits!!!

Next time round, I went for something completely different! This was such a fun dance!

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